Scottish Government funded infrastructure sees £1.12bn invested in Glasgow

The Scottish Government’s strong commitment to investment in infrastructure in Glasgow has been highlighted today, as it was revealed that the area benefits from £1.12bn of funding for infrastructure projects being delivered in 2018.

Local projects such as the Woodside Health Centre and the Edinburgh Glasgow Improvement Programme are due to be completed during 2019 and 2020 benefitted from over 1 billion pounds of funding, and there are a number of new projects and schemes being lined up to be started next year.

The Scottish Government has reiterated its commitment to investing in key projects across Scotland, in 2019 – even in the face of Westminster cuts to funding of almost £2billion.

The last few years have seen number of high-profile projects completed in Scotland, including the Queensferry Crossing, Borders Railway, and new college campuses in Glasgow, Inverness and Ayrshire. 

Commenting, SNP MSP Sandra White said:

“Investing in infrastructure means better public services, enhanced connectivity, more jobs and growth in our economy.

“I am delighted to hear that the SNP government invested a record £1.12bn in significant infrastructure projects being delivered in Glasgow. This has not only created jobs and boosted the local economy in the short-term, but will also contribute to a lasting economic legacy in the area.

“But Scotland has the potential to do so much more in building for the future and transforming communities.

“With full powers over our economy in the hands of the Scottish Parliament, we could create more jobs and reverse Tory cuts and the damage of austerity in Glasgow.”


ScotGov’s £2m Library Investment Pays Off as Visitor Numbers Increase



An SNP MSP has welcomed new research that shows that more people in Scotland are using public libraries than ever before.

Last year, there were over 43 million visits to public libraries in Scotland – including both physical visits and virtual visits. This marked a 2.5% increase on the previous year.

In Glasgow each visit represents £2.16 of investment, with 74% of library visitors recording satisfaction in the service.

The Scottish Government, via the Public Library Improvement Fund, has invested almost £2million in libraries across Scotland and recently announced that every public library in Scotland will receive a complete collection of Muriel Spark novels, as part of an initiative announced by the First Minister.

Commenting, SNP MSP Sandra White said:

“Local libraries are a critical part of our society, which is why it’s so great to see that more and more people are taking the time to use library facilities in Glasgow.

“Literacy and education are vital in ensuring that every child in Scotland gets the best start in life, and for older people visiting a library can be an excellent way of combatting loneliness and mental health issues.

“It’s deeply inspiring to see the work of those library workers and volunteers, who are vital in enabling people to access reading materials and computers, if they don’t have access to these at home.”



SNP MSP Sandra White has praised the contribution of Scotland’s Winter Festivals to Scotland’s culture,economy and heritage, as Scots enjoy a 3-month long programme of events.

The Winter Festivals celebrate Scotland’s spirit and diversity over the Christmas period and Hogmanay, also marking Burns Night on 25th January, with events across the country.

This year, the Scottish Government provided Scotland’s Winter Festivals with funding of £500,000. Edinburgh’s Christmas festival – one of the festivals supported by the funding – generated an economic impact of £113 million in additional output in 2017, equating to 2,260 full time jobs in Edinburgh.

SNP MSP Sandra White said:

“Scotland’s Winter Festival programme boasts a number of hugely exciting and diverse events – offering both Scots at home and abroad the chance to celebrate on national days such as St Andrews Day, Hogmanay, and Burns Night.

“This year’s celebrations recognise the shared values and inclusive view of the world that we possess in Scotland –something which is essential at this crucial time, when it is more important than ever to cultivate relationships with our friends in Europe and further afield.

“Our Winter Festivals attract thousands of local people, as well as performers and visitors from all over the world.

“Of course, everyone who lives here knows that Scotland is the place to be over the festive period – but it is great that we manage to attract so many international revellers over Christmas to celebrate this fantastic country with us.”

Sandra White MSP Supports ‘Get Ready’ Campaign Helping to Prepare for Winter Weather

An SNP MSP is encouraging constituents to take a number of simple yet effective steps to prepare for potentially tough weather conditions this winter, after a new survey revealed that over 1/3 of people do not feel prepared to combat extreme weather.

The Scottish Government’s ‘Ready Scotland’ campaign encourages individuals, families, communities and businesses to think about what they can do to prepare for unexpected events over winter.

They recommend four steps – keeping informed, being ready at home, on the road and at work; and thinking of others in the community.

Sandra White is also urging individuals, communities and businesses in Glasgow to lend a hand to those who might find it harder to cope with extreme weather conditions.

The SNP has already taken steps to make sure that people in Scotland don’t face hardship over winter. Emergency services have robust response plans in place following last year’s so-called ‘Beast from the East’storm, and over one million people have benefitted from the Winter Fuel Allowance under the Scottish Government’s new social security system.

SNP MSP Sandra White said:

“The Scottish Government monitors all potential weather impacts and Scotland is ready to respond quickly on all fronts to any sudden change in condition – but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t all take small steps to prepare for severe weather too.

“As we know from last year, bad weather can strike at anytime. Already this winter, we’ve seen some communities in Scotland affected by high winds and flooding, which is why we all must be vigilant and well-prepared.

“Small preparations like making sure your phone battery is fully-charged, or packing a few essential items in your car, can make an enormous difference.”


Notes to editors:

Ready Scotland –


SNP MSP Sandra White has said the UK government’s proposals on immigration, published today, will damage Scotland’s economy, communities, NHS and public services.


The Tories plan to introduce a £30,000-a-year minimum salary threshold for EU nationals, promising to cut net migration to the UK to ‘tens of thousands’.


The UK government’s proposals could result in an 85% reduction in the number of EEA workers to Scotland – with Scottish Government modelling suggesting a fall of almost £6.8 billion a year in GDP by 2040 as a result of the Tories plans.


It is anticipated that the NHS and care sector in Glasgow will be among the worst hit by the proposals, with the tourism and hospitality industries also suffering.


The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) in Scotland has also demanded an urgent rethink of the plans. Andrew McRae the FSB’s Scotland Policy Chair commented, “these proposals will make it nigh impossible for the vast majority of Scottish firms to access any non-UK labour and the skills they need to grow and sustain their operations.”


The SNP has repeatedly called on the UK government to fully devolve immigration powers so that the Scottish Government can bring forward a progressive approach that addresses Scotland’s specific demographic and economic needs.


Commenting, SNP MSP Sandra White said:


“Our NHS and care sector here in [Area] is in danger. These Tory proposals will cause catastrophic damage for our public services – it is absolutely vital that we continue to attract people to live and work here.


“Tory plans on immigration will also devastate local businesses, with a £30,000 salary threshold on EU migrants slashing the workforce available to Scottish firms.


“Comments today from the Federation of Small Businesses demonstrate the growing support from organisations in [Area], and across Scotland, for a tailored migration system for Scotland.


“The SNP has repeatedly made the case for a tailored approach to immigration in Scotland in order to address its distinct needs. If the UK government are intent on implementing their damaging post-Brexit immigration plans, then the Scottish Parliament must be handed control of migration powers to protect Scotland’s specific interests.”