GP practices in Kelvin will receive a funding boost this year, the Scottish Government has unveiled.


The Scottish Government has announced that an additional £20 million support will be given to GP practices across Scotland to help with the costs of running their practices.


The ‘GP Premises Sustainability Loan Scheme’ aims to ease the financial burden associated with owning a General Practice – in turn helping to improve recruitment and retention. It means that GPs who own their own premises can apply for long term interest-free loans worth up to 20% of their practice’s value.


A total of 172 practices across Scotland have successfully applied for loans – around 50% of the total eligible.


The new GP contract in Scotland is backed by £110 million in 2018/19 to ensure that GPs are able to spend more time with patients, and less time on paperwork. The Scottish Government is investing a further £7.5 million to improve GP recruitment and retention in 2018/19.


SNP MSP Sandra White said:


“People in Kelvin will welcome this significant investment in our local NHS service, which will help family doctors deal with the costs of running their practice.


“The extra investment will make becoming a GP an attractive career choice and encourage more people to join the profession – which will in turn make it easier for practices in Scotland to retain and recruit staff.


“This news is extremely encouraging and I encourage eligible GPs in Kelvin to consider whether they would benefit from this scheme. To learn that 51 GP practices across Greater Glasgow & Clyde have already received funding is excellent news and will only go to further improve the level of care provided to our community.


“The NHS is one of our most treasured institutions, and the SNP in government is absolutely committed to ensuring it stays fit for the future.”

Vodafone update

Since news broke of Vodafone UK’s decision to cull their services operating out of Berkeley Square, the office of Sandra White MSP has been working in conjunction with Alison Thewliss MP to seek an urgent reconsideration by Vodafone.

In the first instance a joint letter was issued by both elected representatives to Vodafone’s CEO and also their Head of UK Operations. A response from Vodafone’s CEO, Mr Nick Jeffery, has now been received and a copy of which can be seen below:
Sandra White MSP Vodafone

With no movement from Vodafone Sandra White MSP also submitted a request to the Scottish Parliament for a Topical Question to raise this matter formally in the Debating Chamber. Unfortunately this extremely serious and urgent question was not chosen despite strong indications that it would be. As such Sandra White has now contacted the Presiding Officer to seek clarity as to why such a gross oversight was made.

Despite these challenges Sandra White MSP has now secured a meeting with Jamie Hepburn MSP, Minister for Minister for Business, Fair Work and Skills, next week. This meeting will allow Sandra White to discuss the ongoing situation and seek urgent assistance from the Scottish Government to ensure everything possible is being done to protect Scottish jobs and assist the affected workforce in Glasgow Kelvin.



Holyrood has today backed the SNP’s budget plans, offering economic stability in the face of Brexit while giving a cash boost to the NHS, schools and other vital services.

Despite Westminster cuts of almost £2 billion in a decade to Scotland’s block resource grant, the SNP is proposing additional funding of almost £730 million for Scotland’s health and care services – including £76.7m specifically for NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde.

Under the deal reached, Glasgow City Council will receive an additional £39m from the Scottish Government on top of a total overall settlement of £11.1bn.

The budget also includes more than £180 million to raise attainment in schools, and almost £500 million for the expansion of early learning and childcare.

SNP MSP Sandra White said:

“With the UK government in complete chaos, the SNP in government are offering certainty and stability with a budget which protects public services, supports the economy, and helps build a fairer country.

“This budget uses our powers in a progressive way in order to protect and invest in our public services – with a major boost for the NHS.

“Giving our schools, hospitals and other vital services in Kelvin the money they need to deliver better services for our communities is vital to this government. This is why I welcome Holyrood’s support for the budget.”


SNP MSP Sandra White has said the UK government’s proposals on immigration, published today, will damage Scotland’s economy, communities, NHS and public services.


The Tories plan to introduce a £30,000-a-year minimum salary threshold for EU nationals, promising to cut net migration to the UK to ‘tens of thousands’.


The UK government’s proposals could result in an 85% reduction in the number of EEA workers to Scotland – with Scottish Government modelling suggesting a fall of almost £6.8 billion a year in GDP by 2040 as a result of the Tories plans.


It is anticipated that the NHS and care sector in Glasgow will be among the worst hit by the proposals, with the tourism and hospitality industries also suffering.


The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) in Scotland has also demanded an urgent rethink of the plans. Andrew McRae the FSB’s Scotland Policy Chair commented, “these proposals will make it nigh impossible for the vast majority of Scottish firms to access any non-UK labour and the skills they need to grow and sustain their operations.”


The SNP has repeatedly called on the UK government to fully devolve immigration powers so that the Scottish Government can bring forward a progressive approach that addresses Scotland’s specific demographic and economic needs.


Commenting, SNP MSP Sandra White said:


“Our NHS and care sector here in [Area] is in danger. These Tory proposals will cause catastrophic damage for our public services – it is absolutely vital that we continue to attract people to live and work here.


“Tory plans on immigration will also devastate local businesses, with a £30,000 salary threshold on EU migrants slashing the workforce available to Scottish firms.


“Comments today from the Federation of Small Businesses demonstrate the growing support from organisations in [Area], and across Scotland, for a tailored migration system for Scotland.


“The SNP has repeatedly made the case for a tailored approach to immigration in Scotland in order to address its distinct needs. If the UK government are intent on implementing their damaging post-Brexit immigration plans, then the Scottish Parliament must be handed control of migration powers to protect Scotland’s specific interests.”


Health services in Glasgow will receive a £76.7m boost next year, the Scottish Government unveiled in the budget.


The inflation busting increase will see NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde funding increase 3.6% year on year.


The budget saw SNP Finance Secretary Derek Mackay increase total health and care funding by £729m, putting the future of the health service at the centre of the Scottish Government’s financial plan.


The Finance Secretary did however highlight the risk Brexit plays to this investment, with the potential for the Scottish Government to be forced to review the budget should the UK face a ‘No Deal’ scenario.


Commenting, SNP MSP Sandra White said:


“People across Glasgow Kelvin will welcome the significant investment in our local NHS services, with a real-term increase in spending.


“The SNP value our NHS and are determined to ensure it stays fit for the future.


“In contrast, the budget exposed the Tory proposals as completely hollow – with their plan to hand high earners a tax cut leaving a £1 billion hole in our public spending.


“Meanwhile, even Labour insiders have admitted that their plans are a ‘shambles’ with the party failing to cost their spending demands.


“The SNP budget delivers for our NHS in Glasgow.”