Sandra White MSP for Glasgow Kelvin


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Sandra White MSP today wrote to the Director General of the BBC, Tim Davie, in response to the BBC’s announced end to daily coverage of the First Minster’s COVID briefings.

Having received wide scale representation from constituents in objection to this decision, Ms White responded to a recent email from Mr Davie in regard to the principles he wishes to oversee and administer at the BBC.

Sandra White, MSP for Glasgow Kelvin, commented:

“The public response to yesterday’s announcement was clear – the people of Scotland were appalled at the decision taken by the BBC to end their daily public service broadcast of the First Minister’s COVID-19 briefings.

“Make no mistake about it, this was a political decision not a programming one. It greatly saddens me that some would see the First Minister’s daily briefing during this global pandemic as party political in anyway, especially as she has never mentioned party politics once!

“Instead, calls from Scottish Labour and the Tories have seen an extremely valuable public service removed from the most vulnerable, people who do not have the internet or smart phones, and who now set their watch by the FM’s statements to learn how how the ever changing regulations could impact their lives.

“As such, I have called on the Director General to explain to me how he can justify this move at a time when uncertainty is once again peaking and the people of Kelvin, and across Scotland, are looking to hear from their First Minister as a matter of urgency.”