Sandra White MSP for Glasgow Kelvin

UK’s Post-Brexit Plans to Control the Scottish Parliament Announced

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Constitution Secretary Michael Russell said today Boris Johnson’s Tory government is preparing a new Westminster law which would dramatically undermine devolution.

Mr Russell has written to the Cabinet Office minister, Michael Gove, to urge the UK Government to scrap the plans.

Constitution Secretary Michael Russell MSP said:

“The Tories know they can’t win an election to the Scottish Parliament so have come up with a scheme to undermine it instead.

“They are plotting, in an underhand manner, to introduce a new law which would effectively hand power to Tory ministers in devolved policy areas, under the guise of protecting they call the so-called UK internal market after Brexit.

“Under their plans, if Westminster adopts lower standards in devolved areas, Scotland could be forced to accept them, regardless of the view of our Parliament.

“And they are considering setting up an unelected oversight body to set a new “internal market” test for any new Holyrood legislation.

“This scheme amounts to using Brexit as a cover to mount the biggest power grab on the Scottish Parliament yet and we will do all we can to stop it from happening.”

Sandra White MSP said: “The UK Government continues with its plans to undermine the Scottish Parliament by creating a new oversight and a potential unelected body which will hold an effective veto on what Holyrood can legislate on, and will force Scotland to reduce its standards to the lower Westminster standards which will be designed to push through trade deals with reduced health, safety, and environmental standards.

“This Tory British Government has total control of Westminster for the next half decade at least, and they are not prepared to let anything such as devolution get in the way of their plans. This is nothing short of an attack on the devolution process and theft of the hard won rights of the Scottish people to self-government in devolved areas. It couldn’t be further from the position they promised in 2014.

Scotland, therefore, faces two futures: one under independence whereby it is secure in its rights and in control of its future, or the direct opposite as part of Brexit Britain.”