Sandra White MSP for Glasgow Kelvin

Thursday 28 March 2019


03.19 Hazards

I met up with representatives from Scottish Hazards this week when they were exhibiting in the Parliament.

Scottish Hazards campaigns for improved worker health and safety throughout Scotland and joins with others internationally to campaign for improved working conditions throughout the world.

As part of the UK Hazards Campaign and the European Hazards Network, as well as with the Partnership for Health and Safety in Scotland, the Scottish Hazards Centre provides information, advice and support to individual workers and groups of workers in Scotland who are not unionised and who have inadequate access to Occupational Health & Safety expertise.

Additional Support

Councils and teachers are being given extra help to improve outcomes for young people with additional support needs.

The Scottish Government’s new guidance on mainstreaming provides clear, updated information to help decide the best learning environment for a young person. For the first time, it includes a Scottish definition of inclusion and practical guidance to deliver inclusion in schools.

The move comes as Deputy First Minister John Swinney committed to ensuring teachers have the support they require to help pupils with additional support needs, without creating undue workload.

Education Scotland has also developed online training for teachers on providing additional support to children who need it, as part of a suite of free professional learning resources for all staff.

199,065 young people are identified as having additional support needs, this is 28.7 per cent of all Scottish pupils. All teachers provide support to children and young people.

Research on the learning experiences of young people with additional support needs has also been published, which shows pupils at both mainstream and special schools generally felt positive about their experience. Almost all pupils felt their needs were well met, and while parents were also positive about the support their children received, many said it had taken a long time to get their child into the right environment.


02.19-waspi-rally.jpgNext week I will be leading a members debate in Parliament on WASPI which will coincide with a WASPI event I am co-hosting in the evening event also in Parliament.

This is an issue which I fully support. I understand the need for equality and those women campaigners are not suggesting this should not happen. However the decision by the UK Government to railroad the changes through are leaving women in desperate financial situations.

I have been campaigning for a fair transition for those women affected by the changes and I will continue to campaign until the UK Government make the necessary changes.

Cancer Diagnosis

Waiting times for patients with suspected cancer will be targeted in an action plan which will introduce new technologies, additional clinics and additional training for staff.

The revised Endoscopy Action Plan, which is backed by a £6 million investment, sets out steps to ensure all new patients will be seen within six weeks for key endoscopic tests.

And the most urgent patients – including those with suspected cancer – will be prioritised and seen between two to three weeks.


03.19 Epilepsy HelplineIn Scotland 54,000 people live with epilepsy. Children and older people are most at risk of developing this common serious neurological condition but anyone can develop epilepsy at any time, and 8 people a day in Scotland do.

Epilepsy Scotland want to make sure the needs of people with epilepsy are met. This is why they campaign for improved healthcare, better information provision and an end to stigma.

If you are affected or know of someone affected by Epilepsy and you need to talk to someone Epilepsy Scotland have a Freephone helpline where you can talk to a trained professional.

You can contact them on 0808 800 2200.

Sheep Worrying

03.19 03.19 Protection of Livestock BillWhilst my constituency is urban and sheep worrying, as far as I know, is not a problem across Glasgow Kelvin I thought it would be useful to provide some information on the problem.

My colleague Emma Harper MSP has launched a proposal for a Bill to increase penalties and provide additional powers to investigate and enforce the offence of livestock worrying.

In Scotland we all have a right to enjoy and access the countryside so long as it is done responsibly. However, over recent years, there has been a sharp rise in the number of dogs attacking livestock, and the Members Bill proposes in the law both to benefit Scotland’s agricultural community, as well as to improve animal welfare.

You can find out more about the Bill here



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