The Channel 4 Board have today announced that Glasgow will be home to one of its two new Creative Hubs. The other will be in Bristol while a new UK HQ will be created in Leeds.


Stuart Cosgrove originally lead a hugely impressive pitch to secure the new Channel 4 HQ for Glasgow and while disappointed to miss out on that opportunity, today’s announcement was warmly welcomed by Sandra White MSP:

“I am delighted to see Channel 4 recognising the hugely talented and industry leading base of professionals based in Glasgow. From our students, through to our independents, and also our mainstream media broadcasters, Glasgow has all the ingredients to be hugely successful for Channel 4.


“With other Scottish cities such as Dundee and Edinburgh with their own vibrant creative sectors there is a real wealth of talent to harness and Glasgow is the perfect melting pot in which to do that.


Chairman of Channel 4, Alex Masson, informed elected officials and the leaders of the bids for applicant cities on Wednesday afternoon. Mr Masson commented on Glasgow’s success:

“Glasgow has an incredibly well-established and vibrant independent production sector with strengths across a number of different programme genres. Establishing a new Creative Hub in the city will bring Channel 4 commissioners even closer to key production partners in the Glasgow and help develop the production and creative sector across Scotland. There is also the opportunity to exploit the strong connection with Belfast and develop deeper links with the production sector in Northern Ireland.


“Locating a Creative Hub in Glasgow also enables Channel 4 to harness the city’s rich cultural diversity, to further improve on-screen representation, and to work with the sector and the region’s educational establishments to grow the pipeline of new talent into the production and broadcast industries.”


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