Sandra White MSP for Glasgow Kelvin

Sandra supports #Manversation prostate cancer campaign

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I am proud to be supporting Manversation, a national campaign developed with leading prostate cancer charities to equip and motivate men with a diagnosis of prostate cancer to have a conversation about advanced prostate cancer symptoms, if and when they appear.


Following a diagnosis of prostate cancer, small changes in symptoms can be a sign that the cancer is advancing or spreading. Therefore, it’s important that any changes in symptoms are discussed with a doctor or nurse as soon as possible to enable the right treatment and support to be provided.


However, the symptoms of advanced prostate cancer can be difficult to spot – often because people don’t know what to look out for and because they can easily be mistaken for signs of ageing, a busy day, or a simple change in routine.


Friends and family can play a vital role in helping to spot small changes and encourage men with prostate cancer to talk to their doctor or nurse about as soon as possible. Symptoms to look out for include: weight loss, getting tired more easily and/or painful bones.


I am supporting Manversation to help raise awareness amongst friends and family of men with prostate cancer of the need for conversations.


If you know someone who has been diagnosed with prostate cancer and you notice a change in their ability to carry out day-to-day tasks and hobbies, increased tiredness and fatigue, weight loss or painful bones, then encourage them to have a conversation with their doctor. These conversations are vitally important and can make a difference to the way the condition is managed, day-to-day life and long-term outcomes.


For further information, guidance and tools, visit



The Manversation campaign was developed in consultation with leading prostate cancer charities, Orchid Fighting Male Cancer and Tackle Prostate Cancer. The campaign is organised and funded by Bayer.

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