Sandra White MSP for Glasgow Kelvin

MSP’s Responsible Parking Victory in Scottish Government’s Radical Transport Reforms

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The Scottish Government have tabled radical and extensive changes to Scotland’s transport network, pledging the most ambitious reforms since devolution to create a cleaner, smarter, and more accessible transport network.

Proposals include the adoption of Sandra White MSP’s call for responsible parking regulations prohibiting pavement and double parking, with enforcement powers enabling local authorities to take action on the issue.

The Transport (Scotland) Bill, tabled in Parliament today by Transport Minister Humza Yousaf MSP, sets an ambitious reform agenda focused on achieving a transport network which is responsiveness and sustainable.

Key changes include reforms to bus service frameworks including provision for publicly-run services, nation-wide standards for adoption of low emission zones, national smart ticketing across public transport, and

Local authorities and transport bodies will see powers strengthened under proposals which deliver new enforcement powers, increased finance powers, and the provision for the establishment of publicly-run bus services.

Glasgow Kelvin MSP, Sandra White’s campaign for responsible parking has been adopted into the Government’s proposals, with reforms giving councils the powers to enforce new prohibition of parking on pavements and double parking.

Sandra White’s Responsible Parking Campaign was supported by Guide Dogs for the Blind and Living Streets, resulting in a Transport Scotland consultation on the issue, with Member’s Bill proposals adopted into the current Transport Bill.

Sandra White MSP for Glasgow Kelvin said:

“After many years of hard work on this issue, I am delighted to see responsible parking proposals included in this bold and radical transport agenda.”

“I look forward to being involved in the development of these reforms and in supporting the wider aims of the bill which will bring new powers and focus to creating a responsive and sustainable transport network.”

“I would like to thank all who have supported this campaign, including Guide Dogs for the Blind and Living Streets, as well as the many respondents to the consultation, for highlighting the need for change.

“This piece of legislation will have life changing impacts across the country, I am immensely proud that these proposals are being adopted and thank the Scottish Government for taking action to keep our streets safe and accessible for all.”

Transport Minister Humza Yousaf said:

“The Transport Bill reflects a period of significant public consultation and engagement. It responds to the views of passengers and stakeholders by providing local authorities and RTPs with the tools to address local needs.

“This government will not stand by as bus passenger numbers decline. Partnership is at the centre of our proposals, with a new model for local authorities to work with bus operators to revitalise services. We are also providing clearer options for authorities to pursue local franchising or provide services themselves in appropriate circumstances.

“Beyond bus services, this Bill will allow for decriminalised enforcement of Low Emission Zones, double parking and parking on pavements. This will help transform our towns and cities into cleaner, more accessible and more pleasant spaces to travel and enjoy. By strengthening the technology and governance which underpins smart ticketing, people will be able to move between our cities with greater ease and convenience.

“The Bill will also further increase the safety and efficiency of road works to help keep our traffic flowing. We are supporting regeneration along our canals and ensuring the future of the network by strengthening governance and we are also bolstering the ability of RTPs to manage larger projects.

“By empowering local authorities and continuing to work in partnership with transport operators, we will continue to develop a cleaner, smarter public transport system with improved connectivity, accessibility and greater economic benefits for all of Scotland.”



Press Release from Transport Scotland can be found here.

The Transport Bill is available to view on the Scottish Parliament website.

Consolation on ‘Improving Parking in Scotland’ can be found here.


Pavement Parking and Double Parking Proposal synopsis:
Vehicles parked on footways (pavements) can hinder the safe passage of pedestrians, as well as reducing the independence of vulnerable people, especially for the elderly and disabled as parked cars can damage surfaces, which can result in trip hazards.  Additionally, vehicles that are double parked can impact the safe movement traffic and can also endanger other road users or obstruct access to vital services. The Bill will prohibit double parking and parking on pavements and will give local authorities the powers needed to enforce this important change and improve safety and accessibility for all.

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