Sandra White MSP for Glasgow Kelvin

Sandra back musicians fight against Brexit work and travel barriers

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Sandra White MSP has supported the Musicians Union’s call to ensure no barriers for work and travel in Europe following Brexit.

Joining over 150 parliamentarians in signing the pledge to fight for free movement and crucial access for musicians and lodging a motion to the Scottish Parliament on the issue, Sandra continues to highlight the need for citizens rights to be protected following the UK’s Brexit plans.

With the largest cultural economy in the world, relative to GDP, the creative industries provide significant contribution to our economy worth over £87bn in GVA and employing 1 in 11 people. However, it is reliant on free access across Europe, and musicians are very concerned about the potential for work permits and visas.


A petition launched in September has attracted over 19,000 signatures, with the majority of people signing via a petition.

The Musicians Union is also encouraging all musicians to share their experiences of touring, performing, teaching and other work in the EU on social media using the hashtag #WorkingInTheEU.

Recognising Scotland’s vote to remain in the EU, and the needs for workers rights across the country, Sandra is committed to halting Brexit and supports the Scottish Government’s efforts to put citizens rights at the heart of negotiations.

For musicians and other workers, Sandra wishes to maintain the ability to tour and trade easily with Europe, our largest export market, and to attract talent, secure IP protection, EU arts funding, workers’ rights, and the rights of EU citizens in the UK.

Horace Trubridge, Musicians’ Union General Secretary said:

“British musicians have long enjoyed easy access to touring in Europe, as UK venues and festivals have benefited from easy access to European performers. We know from touring in the US elsewhere, that visas and other restrictions impose significant costs and administration, and occasionally considerable financial loss when visas aren’t processed in time. We are calling on MPs and the Government to help secure a deal that will ensure ease of movement for touring and performing post-Brexit”.  

Sandra White, MSP for Glasgow Kelvin says:

“Today, I confirmed my support for professional musicians and performers, I will continue to work with the Scottish Government to put citizens rights at the heart of our Brexit negotiations with the UK Government, and to ensure that Scotland’s ambitions to remain European citizens with all the rights that confers is recognised.

“As with all of our citizens, I want to see our musicians continue to have crucial access to Europe, and I join colleagues calling for their rights to tour and perform with minimum administrative burdens”.


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