Sandra White MSP for Glasgow Kelvin

Sandra White MSP calls for ‘Registration Revolution’ to boost youth vote

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Student Freshers Encouraged to Join Electoral Register by SNP MSP for Glasgow Kelvin:

As the new academic year begins, SNP MSP Sandra White is encouraging the many thousands of new students to sign up to vote.

While youth turnout was at its highest in this year’s General Election since 1992, and the gap between the number of older voters and younger voters decreased, young people are still noticeably less likely to vote and millions are still missing from the electoral register.

SNP MSP for Glasgow Kelvin Sandra White said:

“Registering to vote online takes a matter of minutes and it is important that the many thousands of freshers, who may have moved address to begin their studies this year, make sure they are registered to vote.

“Decisions are being taken every day that will affect young people, not least on Brexit-related issues, jobs or indeed tuition fees. 

“We need to encourage a registration revolution so that every one of voting age is represented on the electoral register.

“In Scotland, the SNP has legislated to grant 16 and 17 year olds the right to vote, however my colleagues at Westminster face an uphill battle to make the same changes at a UK level as well as to extend the franchise to EU nationals.

“My advice to anyone given the opportunity to register to vote, is to take it with both hands.”

Register to vote at


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