Sandra White MSP has welcomed new that university acceptances have increased by 13%, and that a record number of students from Scotland’s most disadvantaged areas have successfully gained a place at university.

UCAS statistics published today show that the number of prospective students from the 20% most deprived areas – SIMD 20 – successfully getting a place at university has risen by 13% to record levels. Since 2015, it has increased from 3,470 to 4,150 – a rise of 20%.

It comes as the total number of students from Scotland getting a place at a Scottish university hit a new record of 27,830.

The figures, produced by UCAS each year to coincide with the release of Scottish exam results, mark the latest progress in the Scottish Government’s drive to widen access to higher education.

Sandra White MSP for Glasgow Kelvin said:

“I want to wish all those receiving exam results today the very best, and I am pleased that many more young people will have the opportunity to attend University after today’s news that admissions are up by 13% and that more students from disadvantaged backgrounds are making it to university.

“I am pleased that this SNP Government’s commitment to widening access for under-represented groups in our universities, maintaining free education, and the most supportive student funding package on these isles, is delivering results that will see many more achieve their dreams.”

Deputy First Minister John Swinney said:

“I want to congratulate all our young people who are receiving their exam results today and say well done to everyone who has secured a place at university.

“Our goal is that everyone with the natural talent and ability has the chance to go to university. These new figures show that, year after year, we are making good progress in widening access with the number of students from Scotland’s most deprived areas now up 20% in just two years. We still have more to do but that is a very welcome improvement.

“What’s more, we have done this at the same time as the total number of students from Scotland from all backgrounds getting a place at a Scottish university has hit a new record.

“This government will continue to do all it can to widen access and ensure all of our young people, regardless of circumstance, are given the opportunity to succeed.”

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