Sandra White MSP for Glasgow Kelvin

Nakba Anniversary, 69 Years of Palestinian Displacement

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Sandra White MSP has lodged a motion to the Scottish Parliament recognising the 69th anniversary of Nakba; the event known to Palestinians as the “day of catastrophe” involving the mass forced eviction and displacement of millions of Palestinian people.

Sandra White MSP for Glasgow Kelvin and Convener of the Scottish Parliament Cross-Party-Group on Palestine said:

“As marches, rallies, and vigils occur across Palestine and around the world, I am keen to see the Scottish Parliament re-affirm its support for the cause of the Palestinian people and the millions of suffering refugees unable to return home.”

“The 69th Nakba anniversary reminds us of the long-standing crises around human rights, occupation, and displacement which the Palestinian people continue to suffer today.

“As illegal settlements continue to deepen the affect of these crises we must join the international community in bringing light to this issue and calling for resolution of this humanitarian crisis and the occupation of Palestine.”

Motion to the Scottish Parliament:

Motion Number: S5M-05601
Lodged By: Sandra White
Date Lodged: 15/05/2017

Title: Nakba Anniversary, 69 Years of Palestinian Displacement

Motion Text:

That the Parliament notes that 2017 marks the 69th anniversary of the Palestinian Nakba, which is known by the Palestinian people as the “day of catastrophe”, in which the state of Israel was formed after what it understands was the mass eviction over 750,000 people from historic Palestine land, which included the destruction of over 500 towns and villages; believes that this led to generations of pain for the Palestinian people, who continue to live under a state of occupation; understands that it led to a major crisis in which over four million displaced people were registered by the UN as refugees and unable to return home; condemns what it sees as the deepening of the crisis in the form of the illegal settlements, which are unrecognised by the international community; understands that these continue to be built in the occupied territories at a rate of five times that prior to the implementation of the Oslo Accords; believes that, on 15 May 2017, millions of people across Palestine and around the world will mark the anniversary of the Nakba with marches, rallies and vigils, and resolves to support the Palestinian people in the commemoration of Nakba and in seeking the resolution of the Palestinian humanitarian crisis and occupation.

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