Sandra White MSP for Glasgow Kelvin

Sandra White MSP condemns introduction of Tax Credit Rape Claus

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Sandra White has condemned the UK Government’s ‘Rape Clause’ which forces mothers of more than two children to prove they were raped in order to receive additional Child Tax Credits after the family cap on two children per family came into force today.


In lodging a motion to the Scottish Parliament, Sandra White MSP for Glasgow Kelvin said:


“I am utterly appalled with the introduction of the Rape Clause which is one of the most callous, inhumane, and disgusting policies I have witnessed come into force by this government.


“The public and women’s advocacy groups area rightly appalled by this outrageous policy, and I join them in condemning this action and in calling on this Tory UK Government to withdraw this draconian policy with immediate effect.”


Sandra’s motion to the Scottish Parliament can be found here, please write to your MSPs asking them to support it at


Motion Number: S5M-05080

Lodged By: Sandra White

Date Lodged: 06/04/2017

Tax Credit Rape Clause

Motion Text:That the Parliament condemns the introduction of new measures for entitlement to child tax credits by the Department for Work and Pensions, which limits tax credits and the child element of universal credit to two children, unless a third or subsequent child was the result of rape; understands concerns have been raised by national women’s organisations including Engender, Rape Crisis Scotland and Scottish Women’s Aid on the impact of limiting social security to only two children, which it considers will deepen women and children’s poverty, including those in Glasgow Kelvin; believes that the so-called “rape clause” will have a traumatic impact, forcing women to disclose sexual violence to the state with the threat of deeper impoverishment if they refuse, and notes calls on the UK Government to withdraw what it considers this draconian legislation with immediate effect.

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