Sandra White MSP for Glasgow Kelvin

Vast majority of voters back ‘Scotland’s Choice’

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Today’s Survation poll shows that people in Scotland overwhelmingly back the SNP’s plans to give them a choice over their future.

61% of people think the Scottish Parliament should have the right to decide whether Scotland has a future referendum on independence, with 56% also believing that Holyrood should set the timescale for that to happen — a clear rejection of Tory attempts to prevent the people of Scotland having that choice.

The poll also reveals a clear majority think Westminster should not block another referendum if democratically agreed and voted for by the Scottish Parliament.

The poll has been published on the day the First Minister will write to the UK Government to begin discussions on a referendum.

Sandra White MSP welcomed the poll and stated:

“Today’s poll clearly demonstrates that the Scottish people not only have faith in the Scottish Parliament but strongly believe it should have autonomy to use the powers at its disposal”

“As successive Government’s in Westminster time and again to ignore Scotland it has only demonstrated with greater clarity that the Scottish Parliament continues to represent the will of the people. Any attempt therefore to block the democratic will of the Scottish people is completely unacceptable”

“Given that Scotland, who voted overwhelmingly to remain within the EU, are being told we are now being dragged out due to a democratic vote, it would be unthinkable and extremely unwise of the Prime Minister to then deny us a basic democratic right.”

Also commenting on the poll, SNP Depute Leader Angus Robertson MP said:

“The message this sends to the UK Tory government is clear — if they try to block a referendum they will be acting against the wishes of the people of Scotland. 

“People overwhelmingly want Holyrood, not Westminster, to make the decision to give people the choice over their future and when that choice should be offered to them. In short a referendum should be “Made in Scotland”.

“The Prime Minister is stuck on repeat with her ‘now is not the time’ refrain. We agree with that, people should be able to choose Scotland’s future in 18 months’ time when the terms of the Brexit deal are known. 

“Prolonging any attempt to stop people from having their say over their future is undemocratic, unsustainable and run the risk of public opinion in Scotland turning even more sharply against Prime Minister.” 




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