Sandra White MSP for Glasgow Kelvin


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Glasgow Labour have shamelessly used council resources to send politically motivated letters to city residents ahead of May’s council elections – attacking the Scottish Government for introducing progressive tax reforms.

The letter, in the name of Labour councillor and City Treasurer Philip Bratt, complains that those in the most expensive properties will see a modest increase in their bills – despite the national party complaining that taxes will not rise enough.

The revelation will embarrass Kezia Dugdale as she launches Labour’s council campaign at the party’s spring conference, with polls indicating that the party will fall behind the Tories at a local government level.

Commenting, SNP MSP Sandra White said:

“Week after week, month after month, we hear Labour politicians complain that tax bills aren’t being hiked enough – and that we won’t adopt their plans to raise the basic rate of income tax on the lowest earners.

“But when we introduce a progressive reform to make Council Tax fairer, Labour use taxpayer funds to send campaign material complaining that the richest will pay a wee bit more.
“Labour obviously want to man the barricades for something, but they can’t decide if they’re for tax raises on the poor or for low taxes for the well-off.
“What’s shameful is that Labour are using taxpayer’s money to send out party political material ahead of the council elections – but unfortunately for them the public will see right through it.”


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